Non-Competitive Swim Team

We offer a non-competitive swim team on Fridays during the school year which is a fun and exciting way to build technique, speed and endurance!

Our focus for the non-competitive swim team is to refine technique and stroke development, building strength and endurance in the water, and introduce skills that are more commonly found in competitive swim environments such as flip turns and shallow depth diving. This non-competitive swim team program bridges the gap for swimmers between swim lessons and joining a competitive swim team. We want the swimmer to gain an understanding of what the competitive swim environment looks and feels like as they build a passion for swimming as a sport.

This program is for independent swimmers ages 6 – 12 yrs who already have a firm foundation of swimming but want to become more efficient in the water and perfect the technique of their strokes. This is a great starting point for those who are interest in experiencing swimming as a sport and are contemplating participating on a competitive swim team in the future. We do REQUIRE the swimmer to participate in at least one session of swim lessons with us to ensure they have the proper foundation needed to further their swim skills and endurance in the water as this is a larger group environment and we do not offer the same 4:1 ratio of coach to swimmer as seen in our group swim lessons. This also ensures the productivity of the program as we are very technique based and strive to build endurance through lap swimming once the swimmer has a strong understanding and habit of correct swim techniques.

[Winter Swim Team: Jan 18 – March 15, 9 wks, $207]

[Spring Swim Team: March 22 – May 17(Off April 19) 8 wks, $184]

Non-Competitive Swim Team: 

  • once wkly/45 min conditioning/stroke development
  • offered Fri, 4:30-5:15pm or 5:15-6:00pm
  • LifeSTROKES, LLC swim caps are provided for all participants!
  • NOT OFFERED DURING SUMMER SWIM SESSIONS! (If you are interested in swim conditioning and stroke development during the summer, please sign up for weekly classes or our swim camps.)