Adult Lessons

Jessica Bailey, owner of LifeSTROKES, LLC, Jana Glaser, the Assistant Facility Manager, and Kirsten Bank, one of our full-time and very experienced instructors, conduct an adults-only swim class on Mondays from 8pm – 8:45pm. (Not offered during summer months).

With a class ratio of 4 adults per instructor, we can accommodate a wide variety of skills and comfort. From total beginner with fear of the water to working on stroke development to condition for a triathlon, we can help YOU knock swimming off your bucket list!!

Adult lessons follow the same session dates and rates as the regular sessions.

Closed This Week!

We will be closed Aug 14-18! We will have limited office hours so please register online or leave a voice message if you are wanting to register for fall swim lessons! For all who are starting school enjoy your first week back!!