What People are Saying

“I had always been jealous of people who could effortlessly swim laps in the pool. They made it look so easy. I decided to take an adult class at the beginning of the year. I was very skeptical that I would walk away being able to put my head under water, let alone swim the correct way. All it took was one session from LifeSTROKES and I was on my way. I now lap swim twice a week for 45 minutes to an hour with total ease. Thank you to everyone (especially Jana) for helping me reach my goal!” – Sara

“We have been very pleased with the results we have had this past year! Prior to coming to LifeSTROKES, I believe we had tried just about every swimming place around with mixed results. We love LifeSTROKES and the amazing teachers our kids have had this past year. Our son has grown up so much and has gone from dreading going to swimming lessons to enjoying it! Please pass on our thanks to Miss Sierra who has done such an amazing job building his confidence and pushing him to really try hard. We could not have asked for better results. On our recent vacation, he was able to go down the slides on his own and swim to the ladder. He was so excited!! We also love Miss Morgan and are so thankful for her efforts with our daughter. A special thanks to her for being so kind and forming such a special bond with her. We have seen so much improvement and could not be more pleased.” – Jen L.

“Our daughter, now four years old, has been taking swim lessons at LifeSTROKES since February 2013 and our two year old son just started in the summer of 2014. Our daughter is leaps and bounds ahead of her peers not taking swim lessons, but what we are most grateful for is what they teach each student: water safety. After just three swim lessons my son has utilized this information. Our family went swimming at our local pool. My son fell into the water and did just what is taught at every swim lesson: “find safety.” We were able to pull him out of the pool before there was an issue, but what was astonishing was that a two year old knew how to find the pool wall. We couldn’t be more impressed with the instructors and the instruction. We will have all of our children learn to swim at LifeSTROKES and are grateful for the life saving lessons they teach each student.” – Matt and Erin L.

“LifeSTROKES small class size provides the opportunity for more one-on-one attention and practice. It has taken several years of practice, but every week we have seen improvement. Since our daughter has special needs, LifeSTROKES has also gone out of their way to make sure that she has the same instructor EVERY session. This has built trust and confidence in the water. They truly know my child’s strengths, weaknesses, and muscles and this has provided an overall better lesson each and every time. LifeSTROKES has not only provided my daughter with a life long skill, but they have also gained her independence proving that a child with Cerebral Palsy CAN live WITHOUT LIMITS.” – Jennifer S.

“He LOVED Taylor which is huge because he has taken lessons three other times and never wanted to go back – this time he was so excited to come & said he really liked her. We appreciate whoever can get our boys to like swimming & not be afraid!!” – Christine B.

“My daughter Bailey has autism, and although she is on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum, we had a lot of difficulty with swimming lessons at other venues. By the time I called LifeSTROKES for help, Bailey was an 8 year old who refused to go anywhere near the water. Ms. Jessica stepped in, and by the end of the first lesson had Bailey putting her face in the water and enjoying herself. LifeSTROKES has always been welcoming to us and never questioned whether Bailey should be there. Any time an issue came up, the instructors handled it. They are obviously very experienced, not just with swimming instruction but also in dealing with children. As a result, Bailey looks forward to her lessons and has progressed very well! We love it that there are no levels, just groups of kids with the same swimming abilities. The low class ratio is fantastic, and the kids are always in the water. I would never even think of going elsewhere, and we are looking forward to registering for the fall session!” – Stefanie H.