Meet our team!


Our Instructors

Ms. Jessica:

I became a lifeguard at our local pool in Gothenburg, NE and began teaching Red Cross swim lessons. I quickly realized I had a passion to get children comfortable in the water and started offering private swim lessons to local families.

After high school I moved to Milwaukee, WI for college. I was introduced to Swimtastic Swim School and was so intrigued by their teaching style and passion for children and how their mission was to get each child or adult comfortable in the water. I became a swim instructor there and later became a deck manager, assistant facility manager and facility manager. Through my training I was able to refine my teaching style and become nationally certified in teaching infants.

I moved back to NE and brought back with me a STRONG desire and passion for offering professional lifesaving swim lessons to families using the knowledge that I was given. I started teaching swim lessons at the Racquet Club and realized that my dream of giving professional lifesaving swim lessons to families was far beyond anything that I had seen offered to the community of Lincoln. I was introduced to Blake Collingsworth who is the founder of Josh the Otter project after he and his family experience the death of their 2 1/2 son, Josh, to drowning. It was then that I was able to start the journey of offering my skills and passion to Lincoln.

Through the connection with Josh the Otter foundation I was able to start teaching 30 swim students after work 2 nights a week from a local hotel. From there my clientele grew and my husband and I decided to purchase a home with a pool in the backyard to teach from during the summer months. Soon the demand was more than what I was able to meet on my own and I hired my first swim instructor, Miss. Jana!! We then taught from hotels in the winter months and my home pool during the summer months for two years. After the second summer teaching from our home pool it was very clear we needed a swim facility to call home. It was then in the Spring of 2012 that we moved to the 16th and Old Cheney location and have never looked back since!! We quickly outgrew that facility, so we moved across the street and expanded to accommodate our ever growing needs!! In the Fall of 2015 we unveiled our new 6,400 sq ft swim facility to all our swim families, Lincoln and surrounding communities.

I have been continually blessed by our AMAZING swim families and their support of my passion for offering LIFEsaving swim skills to Lincoln and the surrounding communities!! Without the support of God, my husband, family, staff and community this dream would never have been able to become reality!! I would love to introduce myself and amazing staff to you and show the awesome possibilities that you or your child have in the water!!


Miss Jana:

I became a Red Cross certified lifeguard in high school in my home town of Spalding, NE where I taught public and private swim lessons which combined my love for children and enjoyment of the water.

After high school, I studied education at the University of Nebraska-Kearney for 2 years. I later transferred to Doane College in Lincoln to study psychology and sociology where I graduated with my degree in Human Relations in 2012. I am so thankful for a career where I get to nurture and participate in childhood development on a very intimate level. The water can be a challenging environment in which to become comfortable and confident, and that is what I love to equip your children with most — confidence in their abilities!!!

In June 2007, I was introduced to Jessica Bailey -and after learning of my love for helping children- she asked me to join their family as a nanny after the birth of their first son in April 2008. I became a swim instructor for LifeSTROKES in February 2011 and have fallen in love with the families and children that I have been able to teach! Through the years, I have had the opportunity to watch LifeSTROKES grow into what it has now become. I admire and share Jessica’s work ethic and passion for teaching professional lifesaving swim lessons.

Currently, I am the Assistant Facility Manager and can be seen in the water teaching; on deck hiring, training or assisting new instructors; or at the front desk getting you registered for future swim sessions. Also, I’m usually the one posting and responding to you all on Facebook. 🙂

I am not in the water teaching as much as I have been in the past. Even though it is hard being away from some of my favorite students, our goal is to train and equip other women who share our desire to better the lives of others through providing LIFE saving swim skills. We want to be able to offer our services and passion to as much of this awesome community as possible!

Thank you to our amazing families who allow us to be a part of your lives every single week!!!


Ms. Morgan:

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a love for the water and started swimming on my own at a very young age. I’ve also always loved spending time with children and plan to be a stay at home mom one day. As a pre-teenager, I volunteered at Lincoln Berean Church and First Evangelical Free church to help with child care while their parents attended bible studies. From these experiences, I realized just how much I enjoyed teaching and watching children so I found part-time job as a nanny through my high school years.

After I graduated high school, I taught swim lessons with another company. Through this experience, I truly realized how important it is for EVERYONE to know how swim and be able to save themselves in the water. In 2012, I found LifeSTROKES and was moved by Jessica’s passion for teaching LIFE saving swim skills. I mostly appreciated working for a small, faith-based business where I can actually make an impact with other women of faith.

Working with LifeSTROKES has further ignited my passion and love for teaching. I am so thankful that I was able to find a job that incorporated both my love for water and children. It is truly an amazing feeling when children start swimming or back floating independently, and I can proudly say that I was a part of that accomplishment!!

Currently, I split my week into both water and front desk time. At the front desk, you may get a call from me while registering your students, or rearranging and organizing the complex schedule to assure your children in the most appropriate classes possible. I also keep you up-to-date with the TV PowerPoint so please check that out to stay in-the-know with all things swim!

A little bit about me is – I love to read, go camping and am happily married to an awesome man named Alex 🙂


Ms. Jill:

I grew up in Leigh, NE and then furthered my education by attending UNL where I studied journalism / advertising.   I am now the proud mother of two awesome boys and LOVE to bake!!  I started teaching swim lessons in 1986 because I simply loved to swim and wanted to share my enthusiasm with kids.

I joined the team in July of 2013 because they offer a swim program like I’ve never seen before.  I love how the group lessons are paced for each child as an individual; no one is pushed beyond their skill level until they are ready.  I love watching the kids overcome their worries and fears of the water and then seeing them beam with pride in what they can accomplish; their success is my BEST REWARD!!!  The positive and enthusiastic environment at allows both swimmers and instructors to succeed to their full potential!!!


Ms. Kirsten:

I have always loved swimming and swam competitively growing up here in Lincoln. This, combined with my love of teaching and working with others, led me to join the LifeSTROKES team in the beginning of 2015. My past experience of working with children, aside from LifeSTROKES, has given me more knowledge of how to interact with the children here and has also given me insight into how I can help them be successful! LifeSTROKES feels like home to me and the families and women I work with are like family. I couldn’t imagine a better place to work!

I’m currently studying early education and business at UNL. I love to craft, sew, and drink coffee. I also love to read and spend time with my husband.


Miss Lindsey:

I grew up in North Platte, NE and then moved to Lincoln and got my degree in criminal justice and business. I started teaching at LifeSTROKES in October 2015 because I have always loved swimming and kids. I love seeing the kids learn and put to use what they are taught – their faces light up! I currently work full-time during the day and by also working at LifeSTROKES, it allows me to work with kids and help make an impact and difference in their lives with LIFEsaving swim skills.

Fun Facts – My favorite color is red and I love chocolate shakes!


Miss Kacey:

My father is in the army so I have lived all over the United States but have called Lincoln home since 2013. I started swimming competitively when I was eight and babysitting when I was ten which founded my love for kids. I combined my love of swimming and kids in January of 2016 when I joined the LifeSTROKES team. I believe that swimming is such an important skill for every child to have! I love getting to have fun with my students, becoming a trusted friend and spreading my love for swimming.
I love being a part of such an awesome team and surrounding myself with this super positive environment! I feel that God has called me here to not only teach swim lessons, but to be a caring person in each of my student’s lives and to teach them hard work while maintaining a positive attitude!
In my free time I am involved in show choir, cross country, track and Young Life. I love coffee and my favorite color is blue!


Miss Ashley:

I have been a part of the LifeSTROKES team as a deck assistant since the spring of 2015. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the program, but more importantly the students! Given my background in competitive swimming I knew I wanted to cultivate that love of swimming in others! So I began teaching my own classes in the spring of 2016. I love teaching children! It melts my heart to see their faces light up when they accomplish something they’ve been working so hard to master.
In my spare time I love playing with my dogs and cat, reading and of course swimming!  My favorite color is grey and I love mint chocolate chip ice cream.


Ms. Renee:

I grew up in Valley, NE and started teaching lessons when I was 15. I felt that by teaching the children in my home town how to swim, they would develop safety skills and a love for the water. I have now been teaching and coaching swimming for 40 years and my love of teaching for so many years has taught me to be patient with every swimmer.
I joined the LifeSTROKES family for the first time in 2013 and then again this year. LifeSTROKES has the best teaching staff, the biggest passion for children’s swim skills and the best swim progression of any I have seen. I love the teachers and support staff and how they all love the children and their families. They are all so passionate about the life skills of swimming.


Miss Talitha:

I moved to Lincoln from Columbus, NE in the summer of 2015. I taught lessons previously for about 1.5 years before joining the LifeSTROKES team in 2016. I started teaching swim lessons because I love seeing the children’s excitement as they grow more comfortable in the water as well as being able to have fun with the students as they learn.
One of the best things about being a swim instructor is when the children remember me each week. Also, everyone on the LifeSTROKES team is so helpful and supportive of each other.
I attend Nebraska Wesleyan where my major is Pre-Med.

Fun fact – my favorite ice cream flavor is Bunny Tracks 


Miss Katie:

I’m currently a junior at Pius X and I joined the LifeSTROKES team as a deck manager for a year and a half and then started teaching lessons this spring. I want to impact lives not just with water safety but with a personal relationship as well. There are very special people in my life that have made a huge impact on me and taught me as well…I want to pass that on and be that person for someone else!
I love being an instructor at LifeSTROKES because I love working with children, laughing with them, teaching them to enjoy water safety and building relationships. When the skills you are teaching them finally clicks, it is such a good feeling! There is nothing like it!
In my free time I like to dance, play volleyball, softball and track and cheering. I love Disney movies and the color pink!


Miss Mikayla K:

I am a senior at Pius X high school. I have lived in Lincoln for the majority of my life, but also spent the first two years of my life living in Avoca, NE. I joined the LifeSTROKES team in the Spring of 2016 and went from working as a deck assistant to a swim instructor in one year.
My friend, Katie, is a swim instructor at LifeSTROKES and got me interested in working here. I really like working with children because I am able to make a positive impact on their lives – and I also love working with the rest of the staff! There are a many reasons why I love working with children, especially when I get them to laugh and have a good time. I have been around children all my life because my mom has a stay-at-home day care. I have grown up with some of these children and I knew that I wanted to work with kids. I am so glad I have joined the LifeSTROKES family because I have such a great time teaching each of my students.
A fun fact about me is that I am a huge fan of the San Francisco Giants baseball team. I also have a twin sister, Jessica, who works with me at LifeSTROKES as a swim instructor.


Miss Jessica K:

I am a senior at Pius X High School and am excited to see what the year brings! I started working with LifeSTROKES as a deck assistant, but am now a swim instructor. I lead my first class as a swim instructor this past summer and love it! I started teaching swim lessons because I wanted to help kids and become a part of their lives. I have always wanted the opportunity to help others and now I do!
I love working at LifeSTROKES because the staff is amazing and it’s really easy to get to know everyone. The kids are another reason why I love working at LifeSTROKES. They have such huge imaginations and they are filled with joy.
In my free time I like to read, ride horses, and watch baseball. An interesting fact about me is that I have a twin sister (Mikayla, who also teaches at LifeSTROKES) and my favorite color is yellow. I also plan to go to either UNL or KU for college and hope to get into one of their nursing programs.


Our Deck Assistants

Miss Hailey:

I’m currently a sophomore at Lincoln Christian and I joined the LifeSTROKES team as a deck assistant in June 2017. I love working with kids because they look up to you and I love to see when the kids accomplish new skills!
My favorite part of my job is seeing and meeting all the different kids. The staff is also very kind and helpful.
In my free time I play soccer and basketball. One of my favorite things to do is listen to 80s music.


Miss Kaitlyn:

I am a senior this year at Pius X High School where I am involved with dance team and Club World Aid. I was born in Lincoln but have previously lived in Erie, PA and Abilene, TX. I moved back to Lincoln when I was five and have lived here since then.
I was on swim team for one summer, and I have always enjoyed swimming and being around water. I joined the LifeSTROKES team as a deck assistant this February. My favorite thing about working at LifeSTROKES is watching the kids who are scared at first become more comfortable around water and gain confidence in their swimming abilities. I love the positive atmosphere here, and I always look forward to interacting with the kids before and after lessons.
Fun facts about me: I am a triplet and my favorite color is pink!


Our Front Desk Staff

Ms. Kim:

Jessica and I have been friends for 15 years. We were roommates with 3 other girls and just hit it off from the start. I have seen her passion for educating children about water safety and am so glad I joined this team in early 2013. I spend most of my time behind the scenes in the office so you may not get to see me unless you are here to swim on Mondays or Fridays.
I studied Journalism and Organizational Communications at Doane College. I love being able to utilize my skills on land to assist these ladies in doing their jobs better in the water. I was so drawn to work in this environment of ministering women who provide this service to the community. I love working with children because of their innocence. Their funny and honest comments keep me laughing all day.
I love spending time with my husband and son, Conner. Conner did NOT love the water at first so to the parents of criers: I know how hard it can be to work through those times but it is worth it! I’m so thankful to know that my son can truly hold his own when we are around water. The peace of mind I have now was worth the struggles when he was younger.
I love coffee and anything caramel. Reading is a favorite pastime and I love to organize anything and everything!


Ms. Sue:

I love working the front desk at LifeSTROKES! It gives me the opportunity to interact with so many young families and feel connected to our community.
Two years after retiring from owning/operating a franchised weight loss business in Lincoln for over 20 years, I realized that I was really missing that one-on-one connection with people. Even though they were seeking a full-time employee, I encouraged Ms. Jessica to hire me on for only a few hours a week. That was nearly 3 years ago!
I currently work on Thursday mornings in addition to filling in whenever needed. The women at LifeSTROKES have been a blessing to me. Their faith and commitment to “equipping all ages with life-saving skills” is inspiring. I am proud to be a part of this thriving business. As a grandmother of six, it gives me great pleasure to be able to calm a youngster who is somewhat fearful of entering the pool for the first time.
In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering and I love to play bridge. 🙂


Ms. Anita:

I just started working at LifeSTROKES in December, 2016 and already love, love, the staff and parents here. As Ms. Jessica was encouraging me jump back into the swim world she said, “It will be like you are putting your hat back on.” And she is right! I love working with kids and families! In the past, I was the Youth Director at the Lincoln Racquet Club for 17 years where I ran the swim program.
My degree is in Psychology and Sociology with a minor in Child and the Family. I am also a certified Life Coach. I have been married to Kevin for 36 years. We have three children, one granddaughter and a grandson. I am the Children’s Director at my church (Start Church in Beatrice).
Kids are so smart and I love seeing them grow in their skills. I really enjoy watching the parents get involved in helping them swim (which is an important life skill). -from the baby classes to open swim to bringing them in and encouraging them during their swim lesson.
I love hiking, skiing, and gardening. I play racquetball and my new sport is Pickleball.


Ms. Nicole:

First off, I want to say that I absolutely love working the front desk at LifeSTROKES! There aren’t too many people in the world that enjoy the thrill of working with kids AND their parents – but I enjoy every minute of it!
I have been with this wonderful team since October 2015, so many of you may already know me.
For those of you that don’t know me, I am a native Texan with roots in San Antonio, but have lived/gone to school in Lincoln since 2008. I have an amazing husband named Michael, and we have a guinea pig named Ozzy. Believe it or not, but I am someone who did not know how to swim before I came to LifeSTROKES, and I have actually taken the adult class to learn those very necessary LIFEsaving swim skills!
Lastly, I’d like to mention that I like to live my life by the following quote from Buddy the Elf: “I just like smiling. Smiling’s my favorite!” I doubt there will ever be a day when you do not see me smiling or laughing – but I do, on occasion, have my “thinking” face on. I plan to use these skills for good as a Child Life Specialist in the future, where I will get to help kiddos who are faced with big medical milestones learn through play what all the scary noises, people, and machines do.
My favorite movie is Brave and my birthday is December 20th. 🙂